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''How can one learn to know oneself? Never by introspection, rather by action. Try to do your duty, and you will know right away what you are like.''

Why leaders use coaching?

How we perceive coaching

-  Coaching is a trustful, voluntary partnership build on common alliance

-  Coaching occurs within the context of specific and measurable business goals

-  To ensure success, progress is regularly tracked against contracted goals

-  Coaching is conducted in an atmosphere of trust and mutual accountability

-  Coaching requires a careful balance of inquiry and advocacy

-  Both parties to the coaching relationship must be committed to the process

-  The coach is in the service of the client at all times

Examples of coaching assignments

Deputy CEO in international NGO to better articulate the new vision and strategy

SVP newly appointed, Telecommunication Company to foster leadership skills and align with overall company strategy

CFO, VP – global financial company – on incorporating coaching leadership style, improve delegation skills and communication with his peers

CMO, VP global telecommunication company to broaden the leadership repertoire, enhance emotional intelligence, improve listening skills

SVP in global bank to improve his own developmental coaching skills with direct reports and communication skills with peers and the board

CEO, President in major IT Company to be better at developing direct reports, to delegate and communicate more impactfully.

CEO of an oil and mineral interests company to assemble a new high-performing management team and lead the company to growth

CFO, major energy company to lead the new strategic focus orientation and its communication within the company

CMO newly appointed on global level, to transition into completely different business-focus on strategic and business agility and ability to quickly add value.

CEO of major global consumer goods company to successfully manage the merge with bigger global player on the market and communicate impact fully the change and company new direction across the organization

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